The Dishwashing Machine Specialist

For over 130 years, Champion has perfected every single application and installation requirement for dishwashers. This includes undercounters, doors, racks, flights, conveyor systems, accumulators, disposal, drying of trays… you name it and they’ve provided the most efficient solution.

Focused On Improving Your Dishroom

From the smallest glasswasher to the most complex flight machine capable of efficiently cleaning and sanitizing 20,000 wares per hour, it pays to work with Champion.

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Custom To Your Needs

Whether you need a large capacity flight-type dishwasher or a compact undercounter dishwasher, Champion can engineer a complete dish handling solution to meet all your needs.

  • Undercounter Dishwashers
  • Glasswashers
  • Door Type
  • Rack Conveyors
  • Flight Machines
  • Pot, Pan & Rack Washers
  • Circular Conveyors