Mixer Kettles

Any product that will flow can be cooked in a Mixer Kettle and pumped with a Food Pump into Cook Chill bags or pans.
This produces consistently high quality food by:

Food Pumps

Food pumps provide multi-functional uses:

  • Pumping bags into a clipper
  • Pan filler setup for pumping into solid pans
  • Transfer pump setup (short and tall)
  • Cabinet top with sink and drain with lift off grid

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Cook Tanks & TurboJet

Meats and many other foods such as rice, potatoes, and vegetables can be cooked in a Cook Tank or TurboJet. Both use a low temperature water bath to slow cook the vacuum packaged products.

  • Built in self-contained refrigeration
  • Three sizes of chillers
  • TurboJet II chillers
  • Two sizes of cooks and chillers
  • Choice of condensing units