Ice Machines

From their cocktail series ice machines to their larger x-series which can hold up to 1000lbs of ice, Kold-Draft Ice Machines use the perfect balance of art and science to produce slower-melting, harder ice. See some of the features below of their ice machines.

  • Stackable
  • Available in different sizes, producing from 50 to 1000 lbs of individual ice cubes.
  • Excellent insulation. Stores ice for a long time while saving energy
  • Air-cooled and water-cooled

Ice Bins

Four models to meet a wide range of space and capacity

  • Extra low door sills allow users to easily reach ice at the bottom of the bin.
  • Heavy-duty support even heavy stacks of icemakers.
  • Non-CFC polyurethane foam insulation bonds shell and lining.
  • Fully replaceable gasket seals door opening to reduce meltage.

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Ice Machines & Ice Bins

Producing energy-efficient commercial ice machines known for producing pure, square cubes that are harder, denser, and slower-melting than competitors. KOLD-DRAFT ice makers are a perfect fit for various markets such as hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, training rooms, cruise ships, and hospitals. KOLD-DRAFT’s unique water control system, water plate assembly, and exclusive ‘upside-down’ horizontal evaporator make their ice pure, sparkling, easy to handle, and perfectly shaped. Most of their machines are made in the USA and come with competitive warranties.

  • Producde up to 1000 lbs of ice per day
  • Large and small Individual Cubes
  • Air Cooled or Water Cooled
  • Stackable
  • Excellent Insulation!