Streamlined Waste Management for Cost Savings and Efficiency

Salvajor Collector Systems, widely embraced in disposal-restricted areas, stand out for their unique design and simplicity. Instead of grinding all food waste, these systems separate soluble waste, sending it harmlessly through the sewer while retaining fibrous and non-soluble waste in a scrap basket. With water recirculation rates ranging from 30 G.P.M. (Gallons Per Minute) to 70 G.P.M., these collectors result in significant water savings. The hands-free operation allows for increased scrapping speed, doubling or even tripling efficiency. All models are safe for grease interceptors or septic systems, subject to local codes.

Salvajor’s Advanced Scrapping Solutions:

Salvajor provides innovative solutions to enhance dishwashing efficiency when traditional pre-rinse or freshwater trough systems fall short. While a standard conveyor dish machine processes 210-230 racks per hour and a pre-rinse hose handles 25-30 racks per hour, Salvajor addresses this limitation with advanced scrapping solutions. The ScrapMaster and TroughVeyor systems utilize a robust water plume to rapidly remove food waste from dishes and cookware, increasing scrapping speed. The separated food waste goes to the disposer, and the water is recirculated back to the tank reservoir, maintaining water consumption comparable to a standard commercial disposer. This hands-free operation significantly improves scrapping efficiency for the operator.

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